Current position:
Professor of Computer Music, Conservatory of Trapani, Italy.

Lorenzo Ballerini is a sound and new media artist based in Florence, Italy. He holds a Master’s degree in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Florence and a Post-Diploma Master’s degree in Artistic Music Research from the Conservatory of Rome.

Weaving together physical and digital elements, Ballerini creates transmedia installations and performances that provoke reflection on the social, communal, and political implications of contemporary society.

He has participated as composer and performer in festivals such as ADE Festival, Artech2023, Berlin Biennale, Bright Festival, CHB Berlin, Diffrazioni Festival, Fabbrica Europa, Gaida Festival, MEFF, SMC2018, SMC2019, Tempo Reale Festival.

He has collaborated with artists including Alvise Vidolin, Christine Meisner, Michele Marasco, Nicola Sani, Paolo Parisi, Roberto Fabbriciani, Tiziano Manca.

• Professor of Electroacoustic Music, Conservatory of Trapani, Italy.

• Intern in the Sound Art Department, UDK, University of the Arts, Berlin.
• Professor of Computer Music, Conservatory of Pavia, Italy.