Live Electronics & LED Visual

21/10/2023 – Winner project of Gaida Festival 2023 Call for Artists, Vilnius, Lithuania.

This performance for Live Electronics and LED visuals creates continuous connections between lights and sounds. The light illuminates our visceral and biological relationship with electricity, while the ephemeral sound becomes a representation of change, a manifestation that fades into the present but then returns and develops to preserve memories and emotions under new bioelectric connections. Through this experience, the ephemeral does not disappear but is rather preserved and passed on.

Ph. Karolis Bingelis

Chapter 1 – Research and Transinteractive Installation for Web and Bright Resonant Objects

11/09/2023 – Winner Project Call for Artists, Mais UNO +1, Place of Impermanence, Lisbon, Portugal.
28/11/2023 – Research paper published for ARTECH 2023 – Digital Creation Processes – 11th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, Faro, Portugal.

Ongoing research project that explores the complex implications of today’s society of control in the context of music, society, and technology.
“Transimmanency” is one of the project’s outcomes, a trans-interactive installation that combines web technology and bright resonant objects to create a unique artistic experience. The installation challenges the society of control by investigating its mechanisms and providing visitors with a medium to express their creativity and celebrate their uniqueness. Through the use of vibrating transducers, light, and personalized web interactions, visitors’ audiovisual generated content is transformed into a new sensory experience, transcending predefined rules and established power structures.
The project combines research and artistic creativity to address the challenges of today’s society of control, promoting innovation and individual expression through art and technology.

Participatory Installation and Performance

29-30/04/2023 – Winner project of the Bright Festival 2023 Call for Artists, Bright Festival, Stazione Leopolda, Florence, Italy.
27-29/05/2023 – STEMS Festival, Villa Favard, Florence, Italy.

Circular is a participatory installation that creates a dynamic collaboration between the artists, the audience and their environment. The project involves the audience in the art-making process, transforming them from passive observers into active creators of the artwork.

Audience and artists act inside the circular LED structure that encompasses the entire environment. Thanks to the microphones placed inside the room, the voices and actions of the visitors as well as the resonances of the environment itself interact with sound and light. Sounds, words, and breaths are captured and re-recorded, with the process being repeated. The size and geometry of the room lead to some frequencies being amplified, while others are dampened. Eventually the words will become unintelligible, replaced by the characteristic resonant frequencies of the room itself. Thus, creating endless sound variations.
The LED visual highlight the human relationships with the environment, making tangible how the space transforms sound and light, and how in return it affects us.
Artists interact with the installation in short live performances, throughout the day, manipulating the recorded sounds and creating new sound and light contexts to provide key clues for new collective experiences.
This project aims to emphasizes on the visitor’s action, manipulates their sensory encounters and showcases their creative expression. Through social interaction, the project fosters dialogue and social activism. Thus, offering a new medium for political participation.

Live Electronics and LED Visual

29/12/2022 – Special Mention, Resilience Festival, Teatro del Fuoco, Foggia, Italy.
29/05/2019 – SMC Festival, Unicaja Concert Hall María Cristina, Malaga, Spain.
23/02/2019 – First Prize Call for Artists, Bright Festival, Stazione Leopolda, Florence, Italy.
16/12/2018 – Diffrazioni Festival, Le Murate PAC, Contemporary Art Center, Florence, Italy.

Lorenzo Ballerini (Composer, Live Electronics, LED Design)
Alberto Maria Gatti (Live Electronics)
Massimo d’Amato (Live Visual) 

What is the meaning of human presence in live electronics performance, the political, social and ritual role that it assumes in the collective imagination?
In a game of light and shadow I decided to enhance the distance between the sound and my body, produced by the electroacoustic medium, to offer points of reflection built and rethink the meaning of the performer/composer in reforming the relationship with his audience.

Interactive Multimedia Installation

31/03/2019 – Diffrazioni Festival, Le Murate PAC, Contemporary Art Center, Florence.

Triptych by Bosch Hieronymus, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Right Panel – The Musical Hell, 1490 – 1500, Grisaille, Oil on oak panel, 205.5 cm × 384.9 cm, Madrid, Prado Museum, P002823.

In this work, the audience can form their own experiential journey between music and image. I decided to connect painting, music, and interactivity by starting with the high-resolution digitized image of the right panel – the musical hell – of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. With the help of an application designed to transform the cell phone into a joystick, the spectator has the opportunity to embark on his or her own journey within the projected image, cadenced by the various soundscapes created specifically for each section of the painting and on multiple planes of image zoom.

Christine Meisner – Unsharpness In A Possible

06/09/2020 – 11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, KW Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Christine Meisner (Concept, Research, Photographs)
Tiziano Manca (Sound Composer)
Lorenzo Ballerini – Alberto Maria Gatti (Sound Designers)

The project shows in a spatial and acoustic arrangement a selection of the more than 81,400 documents in the Der Stürmer archive that were sent by ordinary citizens to the editorial office from the city of Berlin and surrounding areas, mainly in the period between 1935 and 1939. The Der Stürmer archive is a historical illustration of conspiracy theories, presumption, exclusion and dehumanization.

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Christine Meisner, Unsharpness In A Possible, Episode 1: Submissions from Berlin, 2020, installation view, 11th Berlin Biennale, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 5.9.–1.11.2020, photo: Silke Briel 

Participatory Installation with Plants and Light

This project aims to understand the primary object of art in terms of interrelations that are not only human. In this multidisciplinary ecosystem the artist and the audience can interact, not with each other but with a third element, the plants, made active and sensitive to human action thanks to the aid of specially programmed capacitive sensors. The main question I want to ask here is whether a third element, such as the plants, alienated from the performer/composer and the audience, can be a relational element to create a community in which all individuals can contribute to the musical experience.

Permanent Installation – Wall Painting, Sound, Light and Interactive Plants 

19/12/2021 – Peccioli, Tuscany, Italy. 

Exhibition curated by Sergio Risaliti, Director of the Museo del 900 of Florence, Italy.

Paolo Parisi (Concept, Artist)

Lorenzo Ballerini (Composer, Interaction Designer) 

Remo Zanin (Composer)

An intervention with color, directly on the facade of a beautiful building with an open gallery on Piazza del Popolo, gives life to the work Il respiro delle piante che produce cielo (blues). Inspired by the fifteenth-century frescoes – of which the Peccioli area preserves a beautiful example in the work of Benozzo Gozzoli in Legoli – and by the evocative landscape, the facade of the building has been colored with the tonalities of the sky in its multiple shades of blue of the RAL sample book. The same gradations of color are then reflected under the loggia, generated this time by luminous fluxes that, day and night, radiate the shades of blue (blues), reacting to the stimuli received by the plants placed on the terrace, which transmit, thanks to specific sensors, the “sensations” related to their biological data and to the atmospheric and light changes, which would naturally escape us, making us insensitive to their life. “Sensations” that are returned in sound form and that reflect the breath of the plants, that breath that produces the sky above us.

The open-air museum of the city of Peccioli hosts works by artists such as David Tremlett, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Alicja Kwade, Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, Vedovamazzei, Mario Cucinella.

Performance, Live Electronics and LED Visual

Ambra Ullrich, Ilaria Giarelli (Performers)
Caterina Romei (Photographer)
Lorenzo Ballerini, Massimo d’Amato (Composers, Visual Designers)

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Punk Electroacoustic Ensemble

Gigs: CLS Festival, MEFF Festival, Diffrazioni Festival, Turin, Isola d’Elba, Florence

Vanessa Trippi, Massimo d’Amato, Lorenzo Ballerini, Davide Martiello, Andrea Bui, Alberto Maria Gatti

The project was born from a group of instrumentalists, coming from various musical backgrounds, but united by their interest in and study of electronic and electroacoustic music, and united by the intent to offer an experience in which various languages (glitch, analog, coding) and various instruments (analog synthesizers, software, string instruments) were merged to offer a complex performance whose characteristics are the evolutivity of the composition, the immersiveness of the listening experience, as well as the revisiting of compositional forms through the mixture of structure and improvisation. It therefore happens that timbral research and attention to spatialization (placement of sound sources in space, real and virtual) are aimed at suggesting to the viewer an active, imaginative type of listening, all enriched also by the visual impact of the coexistence of various technologies and instrumentation heterogeneous in architecture and characteristics, as well as by the proposal of techniques and performance gestures peculiar to contemporary electroacoustic language.


Suite Ohm Live!

Pubblicato da MEFF su Domenica 7 aprile 2019
SuiteOhm – MEFF 2018

SuiteOhm Live – MEFF 2018

Pubblicato da MEFF su Domenica 25 marzo 2018

Right now …

Pubblicato da Suite Ohm su Venerdì 5 aprile 2019